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- Install takes as little as 1-2 days.
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- Sprinkler test if left uncapped
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why turf?

  • Watering bill is lowered.
  • Reduce bugs. No more weed killer and bug pesticides.
  • No mowing, mud, patchy and dead grass, or weeds.
  • Green grass 24/7 365.

The allegiance difference

Our technology separates us from the rest of the back. Our cooling technology is 15 degrees cooler than regular turf!
  • Infill - We use the best infill. Pet and family friendly.
  • Edging- We use premium edging that not only blends in with your fence but it will last longer than regular wood.
  • Seams - Merge the seams of turf is an art and we have the best in business at making sure the finished product looks clean cut.
  • 1 Year Labor Warranty – We want you to have peace of mind using us so we offer a 1 year warranty on the labor.
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Synthetic grass or Artificial grass blades are comprised of a polyethylene material, a common form of plastic that can be found in items such as bottles and plastic bags. The polyethylene comes in a solid pellet form and is heated down along with any color tones and UV resistant additives.

The thatch layer of synthetic grass is made from a polypropylene or polyethylene. The thatch layer gives the turf more support and helps the blades keep form.

Synthetic grass blades are inserted into the backing in rows through a tufting machine, which is basically a huge sewing machine with hundreds of needles. This machine gives the grass blades and thatch a more secure hold which also increases the turf’s life and durability.
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Turf does get hotter than regular grass, but we have cooling technology in our turf that helps mitigate the heat. Turf is safe for the family, but if you are still not confident, we are able to work around your sprinkler system to allow you the ability to spray down the turf before use.

If you don’t have a sprinkler system, hosing off the turf for a minute cools it off.
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Not only does synthetic grass stay green all year long, but it also aids in multiple aspects of environmental conservation:

1. Water Conservation: Within the past few years, many states across the nation and world suffer from extreme drought and water rationing is unfortunately becoming commonplace. According to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, one square foot of synthetic grass can save up to 55 gallons of water in one year.

2. Pesticides: It may rid your plants and grass of annoying bugs, weeds and other overgrowth, however, pesticide chemicals have proven harmful side-effects that not only hide in your lawn but eventually seep into your local water table. According to the Cancer Research Center-UK, studies suggest pesticides could be linked to cancers such as leukemia, brain tumors, breast and prostate cancer.

3. Carbon Emissions: Gas-powered gardening equipment like lawnmowers represent five percent of air pollution in the U.S., according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

A synthetic lawn requires minimal upkeep with gas-powered gardening equipment and therefore would eliminate the need for these items.A synthetic lawn not only benefits the end user, it has multiple environmental advantages. By eliminating water and chemical waste as well as reducing carbon emissions, artificial turf can be the solution to many on-going environmental problems.
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YES! All of our turf options are pet friendly. That means they can go #1 or #2 on the turf. We would recommend spot cleaning anything left over and occasionally running water on the areas they pee.

We use pet friendly infill to eliminate smells and any bacteria that could grow underneath.
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No more mowing, weed eating, or edging! The only thing needed will be the occasional grooming and blowing off any debris that flies into your yard.

We highly recommend replacing any mulch in the backyard with rock or turf. Leaves that fall from trees can also dirty up your turf but easy to blow away.

Using big rock is ideal with kids in the event they want to have a rock throwing contest! We can also help with landscaping ideas and installs.
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We use a weed barrier and base material to level your turf that acts as a weed and grass block.

You may see grass and weeds pop up around the edges and the occasional strong weed pop up but it is very easy to pull up or spray the edges with a natural weed killer or vinegar.
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ReferRal Program

Receive $300
At Allegiance, we are proud of our service and find ways for you to share your experience. Refer a friend and receive a bonus!
  • - Receive $100 bonus if customer buys turf 500-999 SF.
  • - Receive $200 bonus if customer buys turf 1000-1999 SF.
  • - Receive $300 bonus if customer buys turf 2000+ SF.
  • *Customer must be a non employee or return customer to qualify.
The level of satisfaction literally could not be any better than this. We are incredibly happy with the work done, especially the turf we got in our backyard.
Jesse Siau
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